iPhone 7 rumors are very intensively dealt with either on the viral websites or in tabloids that discuss the specifications of the phone. Even the iPhone 6 just released in several times ago and these smart phones from Apple are still sold at pretty expensive prices especially at the Asia market place. However many of newspapers or websites that discuss the specifications and everything about mobile phones are very confident that at fall in 2016 will be the long-awaited moment of the lovers of Apple products because it is said as the good time when the iPhone 7 will be released. But we are as the reliable news gatherers have collected some information related to the launch of this product.

Brand new features you should be excited about iPhone 7

New excited features and specs of iPhone 7 romors and predicts

We did not know what the exact truth about the iPhone 7 rumors. But from several reliable sources, we have summarized all to be some interesting information which is very eagerly awaited by the lovers of Apple products. First great thing that we get and will certainly make you very interested and impatient to wait for this product to be released is the Force Touch feature, camera with DSLR quality (which is very nice for those who like to capture the moment) and then the RAM is twice larger than the iPhone 6, and the Apple SIM. Then you know why you should read this article and maybe put a little aside the money to buy the latest products from Apple that was planned to be released in August 2016.

The newest design of iPhone 7

After we know about the launch date of the highly anticipated smart phone, we are also very curious about the physical appearance or the new design that will be presented to wrap the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S. Apple ensures that the latest series of iPhone will bring a new color scheme that is Rose Gold. Besides, the other news that might be enough to make you very interested in the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 is a feature of lightweight and robust casing that wrapped the phone’s body which is made of aluminum alloy material. The material is applied to Apple Watch Sport as well. Another rumor we heard is probably the phone that will be released in the middle of next year is more curvy shape of the body’s phone. Of course this is kind of pretty interesting news and makes the lovers of Apple products more curious indeed.

The DSL quality in iPhone 7 camera and the battery

As we said at the beginning, iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 is going to gab the new features like the phone camera with DLSR camera quality. This latest series of iPhone will launch sophisticated mobile phone with the incredible megapixel of camera which is 12 megapixels (iPhone 7 rumors that we got are not going to get off at all). As we all know that the iPhone camera is a camera with the best image quality in its class. Therefore with the latest technology that is planned to be carried on the brand new of iPhone will look at the image quality that hopefully is better. But for the truth of these rumors, we can only see it in the next year.

And if we are talking about the battery, it seems Apple has did some improvisation and provide new breakthrough in order to make the battery last longer, considering the big-rival got this spec very well. But as we have said, we only can see the real shot in fall of next year.